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Hot IP Building and Operation: Content Creation + Fan Attraction Skills + Profit Model



Basic Information:

Author£ºLi Wei


Publication Date£ºFeb-2019


About the content£º

The book systematically explains hot IP building, operation, and marketing and tells you what is a super hot IP, what is the relationship between hot IP and marketing, how to utilize IP, how to create hot web celebrity IP, how to commercialize IP, and if you are suitable to create your own IP. It interprets hot IP, connects to content entrepreneurship, and creates personal brand. With the one book, you will understand content of IP digging, cultivation, building, and the extension product application and value development! 


About the Author£º

Li Wei

¡¡¡¡marketing manager of a famous foreign enterpr ise and Internet researcher, has been focusing on media, marketing, e-commerce and studying the Internet trend for a long time. He is a new media marketer with nearly 10 years of new media marketing experience. From the perspective of media people, he looks at the unique impact of network events on marketing with wise thinking and cool head. 


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