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How Can You Lead a Team if You Don't Know How to Communicate

Basic Information:

Author£ºXia Zuo


Publication Date£ºApr-2019

About the content£º

The book, How Can You Lead a Team if You Don't Know How to Communicate, explains to the readers how the leaders can master communication skills in all aspects and build an efficient team with examples from the aspects of questions in team communication, way to make team communication, way to communicate with the subordinates, way to improve the team morale, communication in meetings, team taboos, etc. A seemingly trivial phrase can either drive a subordinate to work with energy, or frustrate him or her into not working. Good communication not only makes the leader to attract and appeal people, but also makes the leader to carry out the work well.

About the Author£º

Xia Zuo

    Formerly known as Sun Qiang, graduated from Nanjing University of the Arts and majored in management. He is the founder of Cloth Bag Book Culture Company and was once an internal trainer of a large state-owned enterprise. In recent years, he has devoted himself to the research of interpersonal relationship structure, communication skills, workplace emotional intelligence, logical thinking, etc.

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