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The Tongzhou Agency offers international representation to a wide range of
writers, literary agents and publishing companies.
We are linked with an independent bookshop, Dulwich Books,
and a live programme of literary events and festivals.
  • 反现金的战争
  • A Feather
  • I Want to Fly
  • Grandma Lives in Fragrance Village
  • Mom, I Saw a Giant Monster
  • Where Does Rice Come From?
  • Sweet Laba Congee
  • Grandpa's Tinderbox
  • Mr. and Mrs. Candy's Trip
  • Happy Piggy Joey series
Tongzhou Agency (Beijing Tongzhou Culture Co.ltd) is a deeply qualified copyright agency
based in East Asia.We engaged in the business of foreign copyrights agent since 2012.
We cooperate with well-known publishing house and Professional books publishing house We promoted those
books into China & China Taiwan & Vietnam client .
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