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Kenya's library launches Chinese book area amid good ties
NAIROBI, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) -- The Kenya National Library Service (KNLS) on Wednesday launched a Chinese book area in its Nairobi branch amid sound Sino-Africa ties, officials said.

Richard Atuti, CEO of the KNLS, said there has been an upsurge in interest among Kenyans seeking to learn the Chinese language.

The Chinese language section will make the bilateral relations to be mutual as it will increase cultural understanding between the Chinese and Kenyan people, said Atuti, after receiving about 200 Chinese books from China.

He said that the introduction of the Chinese book area in the foreign language department represents a win-win situation for both the Chinese and Kenyan people.

The KNLS has had a strong relationship with Chinese people spanning the past five years.

Atuti said that Chinese Non-Governmental Organizations have also committed to donating additional books in Chinese to enhance availability of Chinese literature in Kenya.

He said that Kenya and China are strong partners because of the strong economic and commercial links.

"The Chinese books will help to expand bilateral through better people to people exchanges," said Atuti. He said that cultural ties can only be done through documented materials such as books.

According to Atuti, the KNLS hopes to make the Chinese book area more useful to Kenyans by prioritizing basic language Chinese books, so that more Kenyans can learn Chinese language and culture.

In order to promote the Chinese language in Kenya, KNLS hopes to begin both formal and informal Chinese language lessons.

Li Meixuan, a representative of the Chinese embassy in Kenya, said at the launching ceremony that the opening of the Chinese book area at the KNLS is a new milestone in the further strengthening of cultural exchanges and the promotion of closer people-to-people ties, adding said that the Chinese embassy will continue to offer strong support to the publishing and media fields.
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