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Little Prince of the Ulala Kingdom
Basic Information:
Author: Li Fangfei
Illustrator: Dong Xiaoxian
Format: 250mmˇÁ255mm
Pages: 36
Publication Date: Aug. 2014
Rights Sold: Vietnam


In the magic Ulala Kingdom, everything justhappens with a wish. Nobody needs to produce anything with his hands. But ourlittle prince wants to have a different life. When he turns eight, the Kingallows him to try his luck on Earth without using any magic power. He survivesthe first two days by washing dishes and delivering parcels. But this is notwhat he wants. On the third day, he works in a garden, watering plants andpruning trees. By the end of the day, he feels deliciously tired and enjoys thebest meal of his life. This wonderfully illustrated book explains that greatsatisfaction comes from doing things you love and enjoying the journey is moreimportant than the destination.

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