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Little E

Basic Information:

Author/Illustrator: Quint Desjeritz (Germany)

Format: 215mm¡Á285mm

Pages: 28

Publication Date: Mar. 2016


About the Author/Illustrator:

Quint Desjeritz is a German animationmaster and professor of Filmakademie Baden Wurttemberg and Startseite -Hochschule der Medien (HdM). He is one of the jury members of the StuttgartFestival of Animated Film. His works have won over thirty international awards,including Awards from SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater, Germany Animago Award, theGolden Award of Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization of theEuropean Community, etc.



Little E is a picture book that illustrateshow boys can get along with each other. Two friends horseplay, then argue,leaving the house a mess. The little boy who lives there gets bored without hisfriend. He takes his robot, Little E, out of the closet. Although E is old andbroken, the robot is very tall; the little boy wants to activate it but can¡¯t.Then, an ¡°adult¡± comes along. He studies and repairs the robot with the littleboy, making the child very happy. With the repairs completed, the little boycan hardly wait to control the robot while they walk on the street. However,after walking a few steps, Little E falls down on the sidewalk, broken again.The boy is dejected. Just then, his friend pops out from the ¡°adult¡¯s¡± belly.It turns out that the ¡°adult¡± is a robot too, controlled by the boy the childwas quarreling with earlier! The two boys happily start to repair the robottogether. This book is about friendship and how boys can learn to help eachother.

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