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Billie's Factory
Basic Information:
Author : Wally De Doncker (Belgium)
Illutrator: Xu Kaiyun
Format: 250mm°Ń260mm
Pages: 38
Publication Date: Jan. 2015

About the Author:

Wally De Doncker is a Belgian author and achildren's literature specialist. One of his main goals is to bring childrenand literature closer together. Wally tackles themes that are scarcely touchedupon in contemporary children's literature. His books have received numerousnominations. Several of his books have been translated and adapted for the theatre,as well as musicals, film animations, and dance films. He was elected Presidentof International Board of Books for Young People (IBBY) in September 2014.


About the Illustrator:

Xu Kaiyun, a member of Shanghai PaintersAssociation, is a professional painter with years of experience drawing forchildren. In 2010, his picture book Wild Cat Learns to Live Longer was selectedinto the 7th Shanghai Arts Exhibition and Picture Books of China 1949-2009.



To most people, the old factory appears tobe nothing but a long-forgotten, abandoned building. Still, every Saturday,Grandpa and Billie go to spend time there. For young Billie, the factory is adust-covered wonderland of buttons, levers, and endlessly fascinating machines.For Grandpa, it's a treasure trove of cherished memories. Sometimes Billie'sdad joins them for a leisurely walk down memory lane. This beautifullyillustrated, bittersweet story will engage the imagination of young readers andbring an old factory back to life once again!


"Wally de Donker offers us a beautifuland sad story which tells us about the trace of time and old age in contrast tothe joy and ingenuity of a little boy, Billi. The illustrator, Xu Kaiyun, knowshow to create a nostalgic atmosphere that evokes old times. His illustrationsfit very well this wonderful text giving us a coherent and harmonious whole.Children and adults will enjoy this beautiful picture book since it hasdifferent reading levels."

°™MariaJesus Gil (H.C. Andersen Awards Jury President 2012 and 2014 )

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