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How to Teach an Elephant to Jump
Basic Information:
Author: Xiao Mao
Illustrator: Yusof Gajah (Malaysia)
Format: 140mmˇÁ210mm
Pages: 32
Publication Date: Jun. 2014
Rights Sold: Vietnam

About the Author:

Xiao Mao has written many children'sstories and won numerous awards, including the Chinese Publication GovernmentAward, the National Excellent Children's Literature Award, etc.


About the Illustrator:

Prominent artist Yusof Gajah from Malaysiahas written and illustrated a number of books for children and has won theNational Book Council Award for best picture books in Malaysia and the NomaConcours (ACCU) Award for best illustrations.



Mr. Elephant has an incredible array oftalents. He can fell a tree and put on a balancing act, and his trunk can be anearwax picker or even a teapot! But when monkey points out one thing he justcan't do-jump-all his animal friends come out to try to teach him. Will he doit? How to Teach an Elephant to Jump is a witty tale that will appeal toreaders to reinforce the great value of their own talents.

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