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Hang the Sun
Basic Information:
Author: Bai Bing
Illustrator: Li Rong
Format: 215mmˇÁ260mm
Pages: 34
Publication Date: Mar. 2014
Rights Sold: Turkey, South Korea, China Taiwan

About the Author:

Bai Bing has written poems, fairytales andpicture books for children for over 30 years. His works, warm and full ofimagination, are great choices to read aloud to children. He has won manyawards, including the Bing Xin Children's Literature Award. He is the Editor-in-Chieffor one of China's leading children's publishing houses.



Soccer is the world's most popular sport,even among the animals! When animal friends get together for a game, theydecide to see who can kick the ball the highest. Elephant's kick goes so far itknocks the sun from the sky! Earth turns cold without its shining sun, so thefriends embark on an adventure to try to replace it. They finally realize thatnothing can match the real sun. But how will they find it, and how will they persuadeit to take its place high in the heavens again?

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