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I Want to Fly
Basic Information:
Author: Jin Bo
Illustrator: Javeir Zabala
Format: 210mm¡Á285mm
Pages: 40
Publication Date: Dec. 2015

About the Author:

Jin Bo, a member of China WritersAssociation, is a renowned children¡¯s literature author.He has won numerousawards, including the National Excellent Children¡¯s Literature Award, theNational Book Award of China, etc. He was nominated for Hans Christian AndersonInternational Award in 1992.


About the Illustrator:

Javier Zabala is a famous Spanishillustrator and has illustrated for more than 80 poetry anthologies and novels.His works have been translated into 17 languages and are widely acknowledgedand sold around the world. He won the Nation Award of Spain in 2005 and wasnominated for Hans Christian Anderson International Award in 2012. He has alsowon the Award of the Best Children¡¯s Book in Bologna International Children¡¯s BookFair for two times and Golden Apples BIB in 2015.



This beautiful story/illustrationcombination is like a classic fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. The majorcharacter is an old man who is too frail to go out. He has no choice but tomake many kites at home and hang them on his walls. One day, a sparrow encouragesa kite to flap its wings; suddenly it flies out the window and into the sky! Inthe end, the old man himself can fly and does, surrounded by stars. This is theperfect ending for the old man¡¯s life. The whole book is romantic, colored withsurrealism and hope.

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